Research Goals

How can we better understand glaucoma (susceptibility, progression, response to treatment)?


We aim to discover novel pathways that will help understand 1) genetic differences of people of African desent that increases their risk of POAG, 2) genetic archietcture of glaucoma, and 3) the genetic involvment in POAG around protection., progression and response to treatment.


We aim to provide stakeholders with evaluation data to understand how community and clinical populations perceive (disease) risk information,
and what willingness those populations have to participate in genetics/other research


We aim to translate our research through an accessible lens that allows community, clinical and academic stakeholders.

Our Research Projects

Our research team collaborates on and oversees grants that support several local, national, and international projects.

All Eyes on Us

Cleveland, Ohio

We seek to better understand this disparity by clarifying perceptions, barriers, and attitudes toward vision care in Cleveland, Ohio

Jamaica Eye Study

Kingston, Jamaica

This particular study aims to further examine the prevalence and severity of glaucoma in Jamaica, as well as identify at-risk subgroups and disease patterns.

Study Integrating Glaucoma & Eye Health Translation

Cleveland, Ohio

SIGHT aims to combine information from DNA and vision testing in clinics to better understand the genes responsible for glaucoma, create early detection pathways, and find better treatment options for glaucoma.

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