TCB_April 2019

Team Cooke Bailey

Our team is diverse, interdisciplinary, and ready to make an impact in research. We are composed of statisticians, analysts, phlebotomists, and more.

Research Goals

     Moving beyond the knowledge we have gained from extensive genome-wide association studies and mega meta-analyses primarily in populations of European descent, the research of Team Cooke Bailey will integrate trans-ethnic genomic and health data to dissect the genomic and environmental aspects of glaucoma.

     Our overall research goal is to better understand the complexity of POAG risk by assessing differences across ethnic groups to illuminate undetected genetic and non-genetic mediators. In addition we aim to:

1)Characterize and quantify clinical, lifestyle, environmental, and genetic differences in POAG patients within and across ethnic groups to illuminate potential mediators of POAG risk

2)Understand how African ancestry mediates genomic risk for POAG

3)Characterize POAG in the Amish and study genetic factors related to this disease in order to elucidate novel variation potentially contributing to POAG and other POAG-relevant endophenotypes

4)Assimilate data across multiple entities to disentangle the genetics and genomic interactions that contribute to POAG, with the eventual goal to translate the knowledge gained into clinically relevant information


Our research team collaborates on and oversees grants that support several projects. Team Cooke Bailey conducts research in Holmes County and Cleveland, Ohio and collaborates nationally and internationally.

Worldwide, glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness and major health fear

In the US, glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness.

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